State Route 153
The shortest State Route in NSW!

Advance Directional Sign showing SR153 along The Avenue, Figtree. July 2004.

In 2013, RMS will be implementing a new alpha-numeric route numbering system. For more information, visit the RMS Website.

RMS have advised that this route will be decommissioned and not replaced by an alpha-numeric route number.

Length: 2km

Eastern Terminus: Springhill Rd & Masters Rd, Port Kembla Steelworks

Western Terminus: Princes Hwy & The Avenue, Figtree

Route taken: The Avenue, Masters Rd

Focal Points: Figtree, Port Kembla

RTA Internal Classification: Main Road No. 602

Route Overview:

State Route 153 is the shortest route in New South Wales, stretching only 2km between the Princes Highway at Figtree and Springhill Rd at Port Kembla Steelworks. It was introduced in 1974, prior to the construction of Masters Road in the late 1970s. The original alignment was via The Avenue, Gladstone Ave and Drummond Street but it carried no route marker. It appears that SR153 may be decommissioned when the alpha-numeric system of route marking is introduced to NSW as new signage has SR153 on coverplates.

Notable events:

1974 - Route introduced
Late 1970s - Construction of Masters Road

AD sign signalling the start of SR153 at Princes Hwy, Figtree. July 2004.
Northbound on the Princes Hwy approaching The Avenue, Figtree. Dec 2004.
Dark photo of a black AD sign eastbound on The Avenue approaching Masters Rd, Figtree. July 2004.
Southbound on the F6 Freeway approaching Masters Rd. Apr 2005.
AD sign westbound on Masters Rd for the F6 interchange. July 2004.
Remnant F6 signage on Masters Rd at Drummond St. Apr 2005.
Southbound signage on Springhill Rd approaching Masters Rd. Dec 2004.
Northbound signage on Springhill Rd approaching Masters Rd. Dec 2004.
Replacement northbound AD sign on Springhill Rd approaching Masters Rd. Feb 2006.

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