Former alignment - Kangy Angy to Doyalson

Lifespan: 1955-1983 (28 years)

Length: 22km

Northern Terminus: Pacific Hwy & Motorway Link, Doyalson

Southern Terminus: Pacific Hwy & F3 Freeway, Kangy Angy (intersection now removed)

Route taken: Pacific Highway

RTA Internal Classification: State Highway 10

Current route marker: State Route 83

This section of the Pacific Highway is an original 1955 alignment of National Route 1. In 1974 the highway was proclaimed a National Highway from Ourimbah to Swansea, including this 22km section through Wyong. In December 1983 the Wyong Bypass section of the F3 Freeway was opened to traffic and took the National Highway 1 shield. State Route 83 was commissioned along this section and exists to this today.

Photos of NR1/NH1 Former Alignment: Kangy Angy to Doyalson (1955-1983)
Erroneous NR1 shield on RD sign heading north from Wyong Rd at Tuggerah. I believe this sign is a direct copy of the 1970's sign that existed here before. Oct 2004.
A poor photo but you can just make out the National Highway 1 shields on coverplates over National Route 1 shields at Alison Rd, Wyong. Thanks to Shayne Kerr for this 1998 pic.
This pic shows the sign that replaced the above sign in about 1999, this one has since been removed too. Dec 2003.

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